Funny cats sounds Launched in Google Play

Cat Sounds

we already know that cats are very popular today both in shape, color and sound.
Here we show images and sounds very good for you

Want to play with your cat or confuse him? Or maybe you just want to hear some cat sounds? Whatever the reason you have, you will get a nice collection of cat sounds: begging, hissing, growling, purring, angry cats, little kittens, etc.

*Large buttons many pages, clear sounds, loop included.
*Cat Sounds contains 30 different sounds of cats, so you can listen to them at any time, without a data connection!.
* Use the Prank Mode to play with your cat (or maybe your dog, who knows!). The sound will play when you (or your cat) move your phone.
*Loop the sounds and play them repeatedly.
*Free App

Please note that the cat sounds are not exactly related to the cat breed on each picture.
Please feel free to email us and give your suggestions.

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